Fast pitch play with the Lady Tigers.
7 months ago, Karen Rodgers
More Tiger Tennis....
7 months ago, Karen Rodgers
Tiger Tennis!
7 months ago, Karen Rodgers
Skittle Graphing in first grade with Mrs. King's class added a little sweetness to their day!
7 months ago, Karen Rodgers
These kiddos in Mrs. Spencer's class passed 5 or more AR test! They received popcorn and juice! Congratulations! (L to R) Brighton Johnson, Rhett Jefcoat, Colton Skinner, Jaxon Mullins, Mikinley Wallace (Back row) Danaysha Jones, Skyler Knight, Clayton Stevens, Akyrie Anderson
8 months ago, Karen Rodgers
Mr. Johnson would like to thank these boys for doing a little extra work around WES! Thank you!
8 months ago, Karen Rodgers
Mrs. Spencer’s and Mrs. Woods’ kids sure are Wacky Tacky today!
8 months ago, Karen Rodgers
Lucky to be a Tiger, Second grade celebrates Green Day!
8 months ago, Karen Rodgers
It was Wacky Wednesday in first grade!
8 months ago, Karen Rodgers
SILLY SOCKS DAY as second grade celebrates Dr. Seuss and Read Across America week.
8 months ago, Karen Rodgers
2 ss
Sixth grade students present their Social Studies Ancient Egypt Museum Project. Great job!
8 months ago, Karen Rodgers
Parents and Students, please fill out the following survey: FY22 WMCSD Comprehensive Needs Survey Survey instructions can be found on a red button or under the documents/parent and/or student tabs. Thank you!
9 months ago, Karen Rodgers
Congratulations on extending your football careers and getting a scholarships! #16 Cohlton Triplett signs with Holmes Community College seated - Felicia Garron, Cohlton Triplett, Amber Snow standing - Karah Triplett, Correy Triplett #21 Jacob Brannon signs with Northeast MS Community College seated - Jessica Waugh, Jacob Brannon, Brandye Brannon standing - Hannah Brannon, Mary Beth Brannon, Sarah Winters
9 months ago, Karen Rodgers
CHILD FIND The Winona-Montgomery Consolidated School District is participating in an ongoing statewide effort to identify, locate, and evaluate children birth through age 21 who are physically, mentally, communicatively, and/or emotionally disabled. Early identification of children in need of special educational experiences is most important to each child. Furthermore, this information gathered from contacts with parents and other agencies will be used to help determine present and future program needs as progress is made toward the goal of providing a free appropriate public education to all disabled children. Information which could identify an individual child will be maintained by this agency and will be provided to other agencies only in accordance with the Family Rights and Privacy Act and EHA-B. As a parent, you are guaranteed the right to inspect any such information about your child and to challenge its accuracy. Access to this information is forbidden to any unauthorized person without informed consent. If you have any questions regarding the collection, maintenance and use of this data about your child, please contact Rana Mitchell, Child Find Director for the Winona-Montgomery Consolidated School District, by calling 662-283-1000 or writing to her at the following address: Winona-Montgomery Consolidated School District Special Services Officer 419 College Street Winona-Montgomery Consolidated, MS 38967 The Child Find Director implements child identification, location and evaluation of children birth through 21 who are disabled, regardless of the severity of their disabilities, and who are in need of special education and/or related services. The Child Find Director works with the local Headstart, Human Services, Health and Mental Health agencies, as well as local education agencies, and physicians, and other individuals to identify and locate children out of school and in school who may be in need of special education services. Once a referral is made, it is the responsibility of the Child Find Director to ensure that the Referral-to-Placement procedures are followed. The director works with the Teacher Support teams at each school to implement this procedure. The following activities briefly describe the procedures. If a child is of school age, the child’s teacher and school develops and implements research-based instructional interventions to address the learning difficulties. If the difficulties still exist after this implementation, the child is referred to a Multidisciplinary Evaluation Team for a possible evaluation. Prior to this evaluation, a copy of Procedural Safeguards is given to parents. District personnel explain and insure that the parents understand the Procedural Safeguards. After parental consent for testing is obtained, a nondiscriminatory evaluation is conducted, and students are evaluated in all areas related to the suspected disability by qualified personnel. Parents are notified when a student is ruled eligible for a special education program. An Individual Educational Plan is developed for the student before the student is placed. Parents, teachers, Agency Representatives and students, where appropriate, participate in this process. All students receiving special education services are reassessed at least once a year, and reevaluated at least once every three years.
9 months ago, Rana Mitchell
WES is in the National Council of Supervisors of Mathematics newsletter "Inspiration!" Dr. Brian Buckhalter has worked with WES teachers and administrators for the last few years and has witnessed much growth and success in math teaching and learning. Great job, WES!
9 months ago, Rana Mitchell
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It’s research paper season in Mrs. Maloney’s room! Students are working hard on finding their sources and working on their outlines!
9 months ago, Donna Bishop
The Ignite Clinic at Mississippi State University strives to help students in the state of Mississippi build basic reading, writing, and spelling skills. Thanks to funding provided by the Governor's Emergency Education Response (GEER), their services are free for Mississippi public school students who are behind in reading. Each student receives two one-hour sessions per week to build upon their reading skills. Currently, services are available virtually to serve the entire state of Mississippi. For more information, please visit:
9 months ago, Rana Mitchell
Ignite Reading Flyer
From the WMCSD Office of Support Services: Thanks to funding from the MS Council for Developmental Disabilities, the MS Council on Economic Education (MCEE) is offering Family Financial Fun Nights for children with intellectual and/or developmental disabilities and their families. Due to COVID, these events will be offered virtually in the evenings using Zoom. The Family Financial Fun Night is a virtual event for children with intellectual or developmental disabilities and their parents/guardians to learn about money, budgeting and wants vs. needs. The content is for K-5 students, but parents of older children may choose to have their child participate. Families will join the event via Zoom and will be led through the five activities by a representative of the MS Council on Economic Education. At the end of the five activities, the parents will receive a short presentation from Mississippi ABLE about ABLE savings accounts (MS Department of Rehabilitation Services). The materials for the event will be provided in advance via mail. Date (you will choose one) - Monday, February 15 Wednesday, February 17 Thursday, February 18 Location-Virtual using Zoom (the link to join will be provided after the family has registered for the event) Time: 5:30pm-7:30pm The materials needed for the program will be mailed to the child's home in advance of the program. You can see what these materials look like at **Parents MUST accompany their children for the duration of the event.**
9 months ago, Rana Mitchell
Family Financial Fun Night
Lady Tigers are District Champs!
9 months ago, Karen Rodgers
Mrs. Austin's Star Math Growth: (Back) Hattie Grace Maloney + 122, Vicoria Meeks +76, Ty Bennett +61, Dariyah Moore +101 (Front) Madison Johnson + 53, Jessica Pearson +43 Awesome!!
10 months ago, Karen Rodgers