Super Tiger News

Superintendent's Breakfast was held Thursday, April 28 in the Winona High School cafeteria.  We are extremely proud of each student who earned this distinction.  

7th graders - Brady Howard, Fredrick Woods, 8th graders - Amy Claire Coburn, Reagan Shurden, Kayleigh McElroy, Superintendent Dr. Teresa Jackson, Mary Beth Brannon, Brent Herbert, Gunner Wilkes, Joe Reed Tompkins, Cade Demun

Freshmen - Brycelyn Townsend, Bella Durham, Sophomores - Murry Catherine Alderman, Superintendent Dr. Teresa Jackson, Munjyot Singh, Sara Vance, Mary Ann Dang, Rhianna Drake

Juniors - Jordan Leech, Janey Beth McRae, Molly Tompkins, Bailey Holly, Seniors - Noah Durham, Alexandra Guzman, Superintendent Teresa Jackson, Cassie Thomas, Radleigh Woods, Takyla Townsend, Jada Gibson, Mason Boyette, Jacob Myers

Again, we would like to congratulate these students and their families on a job well done this school year.  It's a Great Day to be a Tiger!