Tiger with mouth open

It’s a Great Day to be a TIGER! 

Academic Programming Students in grades 3-6 at Winona Elementary are taking state assessments this week in the areas of reading/language arts and math.  Fifth graders are also taking the state science assessment.  Parents can help by making sure children get a good night’s sleep, get to school on time, and eat a healthy breakfast.  Special thanks to Junior Auxiliary of Winona for the encouraging words written on the sidewalks around the school.  Students and teachers felt and appreciated your support. 

WSS junior high and high school students will begin taking subject area tests starting on April 29th. Students at Winona Career and Technical Center have been testing for their state assessments and/or national certifications. 

Students are encouraged to talk with their parents concerning course selections before their final selection request is completed. After parents have signed those curriculum selection sheets, they need to be returned to the school as soon as possible. We want to have all of our students in their requested classes, but if the form is not signed by a parent or guardian or not turned in at all, students will be placed in courses as necessary to meet graduation requirements. Please contact the high school office or email donnabishop@winonaschools.net should you have any questions about the curriculum request process. 

Operations The window project at WSS has dramatically changed the look of the building.  We still have a few steps to go before completion of the project.  There are some windows that are on backorder.  We will have custom blinds for each window in order to cover the dropped ceilings and the closets that show from the outside in some windows. 

WMCSD has lots to be proud of in extracurricular activities this year. All of the following teams earned the title of DISTRICT CHAMPION - Girls Cross Country, Football, Boys’ Basketball, Boys’ Soccer, Girls’ Soccer, Baseball, Softball, Boys’ Track, and Girls’ Track. Congratulations to all of these teams and their coaches. 

Family and Community Support We have had no students or employees quarantined for the last three weeks.  Thank you for your continued support and efforts to reduce the spread of COVID-19 in our schools and communities.

We need your help!  As always, parents and community members help us decide where to spend federal dollars.  Please complete the WMCSD Federal Programs Needs Survey.  The survey is posted on the district website at www.winonamontgomerycsd.com.  Login instructions are posted under “Resources.”

Health and Safety  Free sports physicals for Winona Secondary student athletes will be on Thursday, April 22nd.  Please be sure to ask your child about the paperwork that will be sent home next Monday, April 19th.  All paperwork must be completed and signed prior to the day of the sports physical.  

Communications The WMCSD website is www.winonamontgomerycsd.com.  Our Facebook page is Winona-Montgomery Consolidated School District, and the email hotline is tigertalk@winonaschools.net.  We are here to answer your questions.  The next regular meeting of the WMCSD Board of Trustees will be Tuesday, May 11, 2021 at 6:00pm in Wolfe Lab at Winona Secondary School.

Technology/Learning Management Systems  Here’s an opportunity for WMCSD parents to help us provide all the resources needed for our teachers and students to successfully integrate technology in teaching and learning.  We are partnering with BrightBytes, an educational research organization, in order to learn more about our students’ school and home technology use for learning. We are reaching out to ask parents to take part in the Technology & Learning questionnaire. Your participation is essential to help us form a more complete picture of technology use for learning. Please know that all of your responses will remain anonymous to protect your privacy.

Winona Elementary Parent Survey Link (Grades Pre-K-6) http://www.bbyt.es/HP7EP

Winona Secondary Parent Survey Link (Grades 7-12) http://www.bbyt.es/HU8UP

Planning for the 2021-2022 School Year If you are interested in employment with WMCSD, please check our website for vacancy announcements and apply for any position for which you are qualified and/or licensed. All positions are posted in our online application program at https://www.applitrack.com/winonaschools/onlineapp/.  If you have any questions, please call the Superintendent’s Office at (662)283-3731.

Stay healthy and choose joy!