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To expedite the car rider line this year, Winona Elementary has implemented a new process for the loading of our students. It will be important that all parents who registered their children as car riders come to Parent Day to pick up placards needed for car riders. 

Listed below are the steps for this process. We ask for patience as we begin this process. We plan to take our time to make sure that our procedures are safe and orderly. The line will speed up as we all become comfortable with the process. 

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Each family will receive a numbered placard that MUST be visible for staff to know which students should be sent outside for loading.

All students will remain inside for social distancing purposes.

ANY vehicle without a placard will NOT be allowed to pick up students in the car rider line. Vehicles without placards will be instructed to drive around to the front of the building, and parents/guardians will be required to go inside and sign-out their children in the office.

Due to social distancing guidelines, parents/guardians will NOT be allowed to enter the building until 2:30 PM.

 Vehicles will be directed to the appropriate location as they approach the loading zone.

The school will be utilizing four lanes this year, so it is always important that each person pay attention . (No cell phone usage)

When buses leave the Circle Drive, that area will also be used for car rider pick-up.

Parents/Guardians will be allowed to stand beside their vehicle as the loading process begins to help their children into the vehicle.

Due to social distancing guidelines, parents/guardians will NOT be allowed to leave the area around their vehicle

Once all students have been loaded, parents/guardians will be signaled that it is safe to begin leaving by the designated lane.