Mu Alpha Theta

On April 24th and April 25th , the Winona Secondary School Chapter of Mu Alpha Theta sent a team of 13 students to the state convention. The Winona students performed very well and brought home the Award for 1st Place in the Small Schools Sweepstakes as well as several other awards. Each year the state officers come up with a theme. This year’s convention theme was Composed: Mathematics (Music). Winona students were competing with Clinton, Cleveland Central, Germantown, Jackson Prep, Madison, Central, Magee, School of Math and Science (MSMS), Northwest Rankin, Oak Grove, Olive Branch, Raymond, and Scott Central high schools.

In the Geometry category, Thomas Rosamond received 10th place, Sara Vance 7th place, and Rihanna Drake 6th place. Kendal Stanley also competed. As a team, they received 4th place overall.

The Algebra 2 team, consisting of Murry Catherine Alderman, Mary Ann Dang, and Munjyot Singh, won 8th place overall.

The College Algebra Team of Noah Durham and Bailey Holly won 6th overall with Bailey placing 9th in the state!

The Trigonometry/Precalculus Team received an 8th place. The team consisted of Lana Branch, Emma Marshall, Mackenzie Vance, and Jordan Leech.

The Winona team created a banner and a scrapbook to reflect the theme. The banner won 1st in the state. The scrapbook took 2nd place.

Junior Ciphering, Geometry and Algebra 2, took 7th place. A ciphering team of 4 or less students can complete in speed problem solving. WHS was represented by Murry Catherine Alderman, Mary Ann Dang, Rhianna Drake, Thomas Rosamond, Munjyot Singh, Sara Vance and Kendall Stanley.

Intermediate Ciphering, played the same way as junior ciphering just with students in Trig/PreCal, Probability and Statistics, and College Algebra, WHS placed 8th place. WHS was represented by Lana Branch, Jordan Leech, Noah Durham, Bailey Holly, Emma Marshall, and MacKenzie Vance.

In the Potpourri contest, WHS placed 7th place. The potpourri team was made up of Jordan Leech, Mary Ann Dang, Munjyot Singh and Emma Marshall.

In the Hustle, another speed competition, Winona placed 7th place. This team was Noah Durham, Bailey Holly, Murry Catherine Alderman, and Rhianna Drake.

The entire team collaborated in the Interschool competition where they placed 8th place. Interschool is the oldest event in the tournament, and it is made up of short answer tests composed of a variety of challenging problems chosen from all the topic areas. The team is limited to 25 but all thirteen of the Winona contestants participated for their group.

At the final awards ceremony Winona won FIRST in the small school division! Their sponsors Terry Turnage, upper-level math instructor, and Michele Milling, STEM instructor, are very proud of the accomplishments, the team spirit, and cooperation exhibited for the entire competition. Our school was well-represented and we couldn't be more proud of the Mu Alpha Theta team's accomplishments!