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It’s a Great Day to be a Tiger! 

ACADEMIC PROGRAMMING  We are seeing an increased number of students and staff members who are quarantined or have tested positive for COVID since returning to school from Christmas Holidays.  All protocols are in place to reduce the spread of COVID as we are working hard to keep our schools open in order to provide in-person instruction.  

WMCSD makes all decisions based on our district plan, local data, and guidance from the CDC and MS State Department of Health.  We care about our students, staff, and community and make every decision based on what is best for them.  The Leadership Team and school nurses are monitoring the COVID data for our district very closely and will continue to make the best decisions possible for our students and employees.  

OPERATIONS The WMCSD COVID-19 Return to Work/School Guidelines, Policies, and Procedures have been updated and can be found on the district website at winonamontgomerycsd.com under Documents or by clicking here WMCSD COVID-19 Return to Work/School Procedures Updated 1.3.2022.

COMMUNICATIONS We use several communication programs to help us stay in constant contact with parents.  We have an all-call system called AIM that allows us to call groups of people or the entire district at one time with a recorded message.  We make great use of the district’s website and app for iPhone and Android devices by Apptegy.  These are fantastic tools that let us send messages and post news and information to our website and Facebook and Twitter accounts all at the same time.  We would love to have you follow us on Facebook and Twitter.  SchoolStatus is also used by teachers and administrators to call, text, and/or email parents with important information or school news.  

We have multiple ways for parents to contact us through SchoolStatus, school emails, the district’s email hotline tigertalk@winonaschools.net, and the most common way is through telephone calls to the main office.

HEALTH AND SAFETY   Winona-Montgomery Consolidated School District continues to require masks for all students, employees, and visitors.  This requirement will remain in place at least until January 28, 2022, and is for all facilities, buses, and events with the exception of outdoor athletic contests. The decision was made in response to an increase in positive cases in our community.  The decision to require masks will be revisited each week as necessary.  

We appreciate your understanding and support of our efforts to protect our students and employees and to continue face-to-face instruction.

Parents of students who have been exposed or have tested positive should contact the school nurse’s office immediately to notify the school and get information on when the student may return to school.

  • Winona Elementary School (662) 283-4129
  • Winona Secondary School (662) 283-1244

Additional information for employees:

Any employee who has been exposed or tested positive should contact his/her immediate supervisor immediately and call Business Manager Amanda Gray for information on when the employee may return to work.

COVID numbers are reported on Mondays at 1:30pm on the district website and social media pages.

Stay healthy and choose joy! We are TIGERStrong!