Tiger with mouth open

It’s a Great Day to be a Tiger!  


As we close out the month of September, we have a lot of successes to celebrate and much to look forward to in October.  Nine weeks tests are just around the corner as are benchmark assessments.  These tests and assessments allow students to show what all they have learned and provide information to teachers about what students know and can do and what areas still need improvement.  We count on our students to give their best effort on every assignment and assessment so we can help prepare them for college, career, and life.  Our vision is “Working together, Moving forward, Creating opportunities for Student success and Dynamic futures.

WMCSD students performed well on state assessments in a year where teaching and learning was frequently interrupted by issues related to the COVID-19 global pandemic.  We are proud to share that all tested areas scored within five points of the state average with the exception of one grade in science.  Students in third and sixth grade math scored higher than the state average.  It is important to keep in mind that public schools are required to test students in English Language Arts (ELA) and mathematics in grades 3 through 8; in science in 5th and 8th grade; in the high school subject areas of Algebra I, Biology I, English II, and U. S. History; on the ACT; and in Career and Technical classes.


We have a home football game tomorrow night, Thursday, September 30, with a team from Alexandria, Louisiana.  We will also be at home on the following Fridays: October 8 versus Yazoo County for Senior Night and October 15 versus Humphreys County for Homecoming.  On October 22, the TIGERS will travel to Amanda Elzy, and the October 29 game at Ruleville Central has been moved to Thursday, October 28 by the Mississippi High School Activities Association.

Your TIGER Volleyball team has earned the title of District Champions.  We are so proud of them.  Their next game is tomorrow night at home versus Louisville.

In an effort to maintain a safe and orderly environment at our home sporting events and ensure that our TIGER fans can enjoy the games, we are asking parents/guardians to help us by reviewing these expectations with your students before they attend a game.

Student Behavior Expectations at WMCSD Sporting Events 

  • All students 6th grade and younger must be accompanied by an adult. 

  • All students must be seated during the game. 

  • Concessions and restrooms are available at all sporting events. After going to the concession stand or restroom, students should return to their seats.

  • Students should not bring footballs, soccer balls, kick balls, etc. to the games.

  • The code of conduct in the student handbook extends to all WMCSD school events. Any student who does not follow the code of conduct will be removed from the game.  No money will be refunded and the student will not be allowed to attend any future sporting events for the reminder of the school year.  Significant disruptions and policy violations are subject to further disciplinary action.

  • Always exhibit good sportsmanship:

 - Be respectful during the National Anthem, school songs, and player introductions.

 - Never boo or yell at officials or opposing players.

 - Cheer for the TIGERS.

 - Represent WMCSD and your school in a positive manner.

 - Be respectful of other students and adults attending the game.  


Our schools have fantastic teams of administrators and support staff. These leaders are available to assist parents and work to build relationships with our community members.  WMCSD administrators and staff members in the school offices are:

  • Winona Elementary - Principal Tabitha McCrory, Asst. Principals Stacey Johnson and Tracy Moore, Secretaries Darlene Hobbs and Amy Crouch

  • Winona Secondary - Principal Donna Bishop, Asst. Principal Mike Guttuso and Keegan Love, Secretaries Kelli Coburn and Felicia Griffin

  • Winona Career and Technical Center - Director Veronica Helms, Secretary Patricia Box

October is a month to celebrate and show our appreciation to several people or groups within our schools.  October is National Principals Month.  October 2nd is School Custodian Appreciation Day, the 6th is National Instructional Coach’s Day and National Coaches Day, and the 17th is National Boss’s Day.  


Thank you to our students and parents for making attendance a priority.  Our daily average in attendance is 93%.  We would like to increase that to 95% when possible, but continue to encourage students and staff who do not feel well to stay home.


We are excited about a new program called ClassWize. In the schools throughout the country, devices now outnumber teachers and the management of students in a digital classroom can become overwhelming.  ClassWize is a tool that allows teachers to see and manage online activities for their entire class in real time.  It helps ensure that students are in the correct online classes and are focused on the content that the teacher wants students to work on in his/her classroom.  According to Classwize, the program allows teachers to have full screen visibility, see open tabs on the students’ computers, message individual students or the whole class to get them focused on the task assigned to them, restrict access to specific sites or apps, turn off the internet for that particular class, and see internet activity for individual students.  Classwize will help make teaching and learning more effective and will protect our students as they learn in a digital environment. 

Some teachers have begun training and are using the program.  Full implementation should take place by the end of the first semester.  For questions about Classwize, you may email us at tigertalk@winonaschools.net.

Stay healthy and choose joy! We are TIGERStrong!