Tiger with mouth open

It’s a Great Day to be a TIGER! 

It’s hard to believe there are only 4 weeks left in the 2020-2021 school year.  Students at the elementary school have completed state tests and are working on filling in gaps in learning that occurred when they were not able to attend school face-to-face and/or full-time.  As you can see from the dates in the next section, WSS students are preparing for and taking state assessments and finishing up mastering standards for the current year while filling in gaps in their learning as well.

Academic Programming WSS junior high and high school students will begin taking subject area tests starting on April 29th. Students at Winona Career and Technical Center have been testing for their state assessments and/or national certifications. 

Upcoming State Testing Dates:

  • April 27 - Health Sciences Test
  • April 29 - English II Test 
  • April 30 - 8th Grade English Test
  • May 3 - 7th Grade English Test
  • May 4 - Algebra I Test
  • May 5 - U. S. History Test 
  • May 6 - Biology I Test
  • May 7 - 8th Grade Math Test
  • May 10 - 7th Grade Math Test
  • May 11 - 8th Grade Science Test

WHS course selection sheets for next school year need to be returned as soon as possible. Please contact the high school office or email donnabishop@winonaschools.net should you have any questions about the curriculum request process. 

Operations The installation of air-conditioning at Knox Gym is almost complete.  This will be great for our students participating in boys’ and girls’ basketball, volleyball, and archery and for the fans of these sports.

Family and Community Support Please complete the WMCSD Federal Programs Needs Survey.  The survey is posted on the district website at www.winonamontgomerycsd.com.  Login instructions are posted under “Resources.”

WMCSD is working with Hanover Research on several projects for district and school improvement.  Two of the projects are the Equity and Inclusion Diagnostic Survey and the Equity Workshop. In December 2020, we administered a survey to our students in grades 6-12, parents of students in all grades and all district and school staff.  We had good participation in the survey. Hanover Research analyzed the data and presented the data in a dashboard format. 

The Equity Workshop is a “train the trainer” professional development that consists of four 1-hour consultations and three 3-hour workshops.  The consultations are where the participants work to define equity, establish norms, learn how to have conversations around equity and look at our district’s survey results.  The work continues in the workshops where we work together with experts in the field of equity by:

  • Reflecting on the broader meaning of equity and how it functions in our schools.
  • Identifying root causes for inequities currently experienced in our schools.
  • Analyzing our schools’ mission and vision through an equity lens.
  • Setting goals for equity and developing plans to achieve those goals.

Health and Safety  Thankfully, we have one employee and no students quarantined at this time. 

Communications The WMCSD website is www.winonamontgomerycsd.com.  Our Facebook page is Winona-Montgomery Consolidated School District, and the email hotline is tigertalk@winonaschools.net.  We are here to answer your questions.  The next regular meeting of the WMCSD Board of Trustees will be Tuesday, May 11, 2021 at 6:00pm in Wolfe Lab at Winona Secondary School.

Technology/Learning Management Systems  We are reaching out to ask WMCSD parents to take part in a Technology & Learning questionnaire. Your participation will help us form a more complete picture of technology use for learning. All responses will remain anonymous to protect privacy.  Please take this survey today.  To date, we have 23 WES parents and 17 WSS parents who have completed the survey.

Winona Elementary Parent Survey Link (Grades Pre-K-6) http://www.bbyt.es/HP7EP

Winona Secondary Parent Survey Link (Grades 7-12) http://www.bbyt.es/HU8UP

Planning for the 2021-2022 School Year If you are interested in employment with WMCSD, please check our website for vacancy announcements and apply for any position for which you are qualified and/or licensed. All positions are posted in our online application program at 

https://www.applitrack.com/winonaschools/onlineapp/.  If you have any questions, please call the Superintendent’s Office at (662)283-3731.

Stay healthy and choose joy!