Winona Secondary School Offerings

Career and Technical Education is about helping students fulfill their career and academic potential. At Winona Career and Technical Center, it is our goal to prepare students for workforce success by offering seven career/technical programs of study, which require two to three years to complete. Upon successful completion of a program, students are prepared for entry-level positions in their occupational field or for entry into post-secondary programs, often with advanced placement. Several CTC programs offer students the opportunity to receive national certification.

At Winona Secondary School the CTC offers two single year programs, STEM and Cyber Foundations, that give students an introduction to science, technology, engineering and mathematics.

Cyber Foundations - Instructor Dane Milling

Cyber Foundations is taught at Winona Secondary School in the 7th Grade.

Program Description

Cyber Foundations I is an innovative instructional program that prepares students to effectively use technology in learning, communication, and life and introduces them to the critical-thinking and problem-solving skills used in computing which is impacting every career field. Students in Cyber Foundations I complete study in interpersonal and self-directional skills, basic technology operation and technology concepts, ethical issues in technology, keyboarding, technology communication tools, technology resource tools, multimedia presentation applications, word processing applications, spreadsheet applications, problem solving, web development, and block-based programming.

STEM - Instructor Michelle Milling

STEM is taught at Winona Secondary School mainly in the 8th Grade. It may however be taken by students in grades 9-12 to fulfill the keyboarding requirement for graduation.

Student Prerequisites

It is suggested that students enrolled in STEM Applications should be classified as eighth-grade students. Any exception to this rule should be discussed with the Mississippi Department of Education.

Course Description

STEM Applications is a one-credit course that introduces students to emergent technologies and careers using a project-based approach. Students will learn valuable 21st-century workforce skills while solving problems through low-tech and high-tech means. Safety, Newton’s laws, electronics and mechanics, and robotics are among the exciting and relevant topics offered in this course. Students will complete a comprehensive e-portfolio and capstone project to help demonstrate their mastery of course content.