Teacher Academy - Instructor Holly Bridges

An older Student teaching a younger student while seated at a round table.

Student Prerequisites

In order for students to experience success in the program, the following student prerequisites are suggested:

  1. C or higher in English (the previous year)

  2. C or higher in mathematics (last course taken or the instructor can specify)

  3. Instructor approval and TABE reading score (eighth grade or higher)

  4. No more than two discipline referrals (the previous year)

  5. 90% attendance rate (the previous year)


  1. TABE reading score (eighth grade or higher)

  2. Instructor approval


  1. Instructor approval

Students Learn

  • Career Opportunities in the Field of Education

  • Human Growth and Development

  • Governance of Schools

  • Characteristics of an Effective Teacher

  • Effective Teaching Strategies

  • Communication and Interpersonal Skills

  • History and Trends in American Education

  • Relationships of Schools and Society

  • Classroom Management Styles and Strategies

  • Characteristics of Diverse Learners

  • Strategies for Differentiated Instruction

  • How to Develop and Implement Effective Instructional Lesson Plans

  • Types of Assessment and Analysis of Assessment Results