WMCSD COVID-19 Update 10.07.2020

It’s a Great Day to be a TIGER!

Academic Programming On Monday, October 12, 2020, Winona-Montgomery Consolidated School District will return to a Traditional Schedule with ALL students attending 5 full-length days per week. All health and safety protocols will remain in place such as wearing masks, washing hands, and physical distancing as much as possible. Cleaning and sanitizing will remain a priority. The following days will be at-home learning days for all students so faculty and staff may work to improve skills in teaching and learning: October 16, November 13, and December 11.  Scheduled Holidays will remain the same: Thanksgiving Holidays November 23-27 and Christmas Holidays December 21 - January 1.  

At-Home Learning Program Students (Virtual - Google Classroom or Edgenuity) should refer to the guidance below:

Winona Elementary School (Grades PreK-6) To remain a virtual student, the student must:

  • Provide the school with a physician’s report documenting a medical condition that suppresses the student’s immune system. The deadline to provide this information to the school nurse is Friday, October 9, 2020.
  • Have a computer and reliable access to the internet.

Winona Secondary School (Grades 7-12) Students in the Edgenuity program will remain in the program through the first semester ending on December 18, 2020.  Students must remain in the program in order to gain the required Carnegie units for graduation. Parents may request for his/her student to return to face-to-face instruction beginning in January during meetings with the principal scheduled in November.


We are excited to announce this week’s events for WSS Homecoming.  Although we will not have a football game, we are looking forward to celebrating our WMCSD Tigers and Homecoming Maids safely.  

Thursday, October 8th – 6:00 pm $5.00 admission.  Groups participating will be the homecoming maids, The Pride of Winona Band, Junior High and High School Cheerleaders, and the following teams: Football, Volleyball, Cross Country.  

Friday, October 9th – 6:30 pm  No Charge for Admission.  Homecoming Maids are introduced & Queen is crowned on the football field. WSS Pride Color guard will participate.

Rain Plan: 9th-11th grade maids will be allowed 10 tickets and 12th grade maids will be allowed 12 tickets. Homecoming Maids are introduced & Queen is crowned in the auditorium.  WSS Pride Color Guard will NOT participate as space is limited.

 Family and Community Support I would like to thank all WMCSD employees, students, and families for your hard work and support.  I would also like to encourage everyone to keep up the great work so we can continue to have school and extracurricular activities both of which are so important to our students and employees.  

The next meeting of the Superintendent’s P16 Advisory Council/COVID-19 Task Force will be Monday, October 19th at 3:00pm.  

Health and Safety Our school and district leaders use the MS State Department of Health Decision Matrix to develop plans for student and employee safety.  The factors we consider for all events are proximity, duration, group size, congestion, movement, touch, and respiratory output.  We also take into account state and local health orders and COVID-19 numbers.  Thus far, the plans we have put in place have allowed us to have no mass quaratines or shut downs and to participate in extracurricular activities for the first 9 weeks of school.  

Sick Tigers, Stay Home - We know it is difficult to determine what is a coronavirus symptom versus other illnesses.  Our school nurses, Fay Gant and Felisha Pitt, have asked us to share this symptoms comparison chart.  The sources of information used to create this chart are from the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America, World Health Organization (WHO), and Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).  Click https://5il.co/ltwa or visit our website and look under Healthy Schools for a Symptoms Comparison Chart for Coronavirus, Cold, Flu, Seasonal Allergies, and Asthma.

Communications The WMCSD website is www.winonamontgomerycsd.com.  Our Facebook page is Winona-Montgomery Consolidated School District, and the email hotline is tigertalk@winonaschools.net.  We are here to answer your questions.

Technology/Learning Management Systems As previously reported, the Chromebooks have been ordered. I would like to provide you with some information regarding the computers.  Federal money was given to states to pass along to schools in order to purchase devices.  The MS Department of Education (MDE) required a detailed plan from schools in order to receive the money.  Then, MDE purchased the devices in bulk in order to get their required specifications.  While we are waiting for the devices to arrive we have been working on our plan for use and distribution.  Some people believe that we are giving every student a computer to take home, keep, and use for whatever they like.  These computers are school district property that we are responsible for and that we must be able to maintain and use for years to come.  The computers will have filters that regulate what websites students visit and provide the district with information so that we can protect our students as much as possible.  Also, students and their parents will sign contracts detailing their responsibilities for the devices.   We will share more information about the process in the next few weeks.

Stay healthy and choose joy!